Winnie and the school Mouse

Written and typed by Winnie

The School Mouse’s Visit 

Dear year 3,

This half term I stayed with Winnie. On Friday, I went to Jacob Reed’s party at the roller disco!  Me and Winnie whizzed around the rink! I think we went around one hundred times. While we did the limbo, Bailey S fell on top of me. I had a slush and it was EXTREMELY  cold.  After we ate our tea, we went around a few times again and a man  bumped into me and Eden. Winnie hurt her foot but she still carried on skating. By the time we did about five rounds of the rink we went home. It was a great party!

I really enjoyed watching Winnie and her friends skating. They are really good skaters and I hope that I can stay with Winnie again soon .

Yours sincerly,

The School Mouse