Tesco comes to St John’s!

Easter workshop for Y1 and Y3

Donna from Tesco came to our school on Thursday 17th March for a delicious workshop all about EASTER! We started off discussing the history of Easter…. it started a very long time ago! It was interesting to learn about the history of chocolate Easter eggs. Then we learned how a tradition of decorating eggs started.


We also learned about the tradition of eating hot cross buns. Traditionally, these were eaten on Good Friday, and this is the reason for the cross. There was a Tudor law that forbade people to buy  or eat these at any other time other than Good Friday! We learned how to make these. Donna showed us the ingredients used to make them, and we were all licking our lips!

Our first tasting session was to taste sultanas and raisins, then we were all given a hot cross bun. The teachers enjoyed joining us tasting the Easter goodies too!

raisins spices EATING BUNS

After this, we drew a design for our Easter eggs. We had lots of good ideas. We could make up our own designs, or choose from some images of decorated eggs.


Once we had created a design, we then enjoyed decorating polystyrene eggs with sequins, feathers, glitter and felt pens.

decoratingdecorating 2decorating 3

When Donna left, she shared some Easter eggs out for all of us to share. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!  What a fun morning!