Sports Premium


Sports Premium Funding

Maintained schools, academies, free schools and special schools all benefit from a premium from the Government, designed to enhance the sports and healthy lifestyle provision for children in Years 1 to 6.

Dfe Sports Premium

It is up to schools to decide how the money is spent, to provide sustainable improvements to their PE and general wellbeing provision that will last after the Government initiative has ended. At St John’s we focus our spending on three key areas: competitive sports, healthy lifestyles and high quality PE lessons.

From September 2017, the allocation has risen from £8,000 per academic year, plus £5 per pupil in Yr 1 to Yr 6, to £16,000 per academic year and £10 per pupil Yr 1 to Yr 6.

Sports Premium 2014/2015

Sports Premium Allocation and Expenditure 2015.2016

Sports Premium Allocation and Expenditure 2016.2017

Sports Premium Allocation and Expenditure 2017.2018

Sports Premium Allocation 2018.2019