Our autumn Other Faiths day with daya 2015


Please look out for satchel post this week, informing you and your children about our active learning about Sikhism day this term. Daya will be visiting our school on Thursday 22nd October, and will deliver Sikhism workshops to all classes on that day.

Visit your class pages to find out what your child did, and come to our hall to see the Sikhism display after the workshops.

If you would like to find out more about this World faith, please follow the link below:

Sikhism for children

22nd October

We all enjoyed our Sikhism Day with Daya today. Daya was delighted with how much many of the children had remembered from her last Sikh workshop (3 years ago! Last year, she taught us aspects of Islam, and the year before that, Hinduism). We enjoyed learning about Sikhs, how they worship and some of us even enjoyed a Sikh wedding!

Please visit individual class pages to find out more.