Y3 workshop with Daya

We all enjoyed our workshop with Daya this morning. We discussed the differences between how Daya looks and how we look (clothes, skin colour, jewellery). She also made sure we understand that we should celebrate our differences but we are all equal to God.

We learned some Sikh words, and had great fun trying to speak with an Indian accent! Daya told us how Sikh children’s names are chosen.

We learned about Sikh gurus: there are 10 men, but also the guru granth sahib (the Sikh holy book) is a guru. The guru granth sahib even has its own bed!

Daya explained the 5 Ks, and then we were able to role play being at a gurdwara and being involved in sangat. Before Sikhs pray at the gurdwara, they wash their hands, remove their shoes, cover their heads and bow to the ground. Then the girls and boys sit in 2 groups to praise God. The granthi waves a chauli over the guru granth sahib, as a sign of respect and to make sure it keeps clean.

Cherrish showed us all how he can speak in punjabi! We hope he will teach us all a little bit of the punjabi language.

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