Science at Camborne Science and International Academy


Today we enjoyed another workshop with Mrs Deacey, this time learning about light. Our session started with a challenging question: what is light? After lots of discussion, and some good ideas we learned that light is a form of ENERGY. We learned that light is made up of all colours of the rainbow!! We found this amazing!

Investigation 1: Making rainbows

We used a ray box and a prism to make a rainbow! When light hits the prism, it slows the speed of the light travelling, which allows us to see the different colours that make up the light.

activity 1 activity 1b activity 1c

Investigation 2: Shadows

We investigated which objects made the clearest shadow, and how to make a shadow bigger or smaller. This helped us understand that light can not travel through an object or around corners. When an object blocks the light, a shadow is caused by the light continuing to travel in the space around the object. We decided that solid or opaque objects made a clearer shadow than transparent objects. We also found out that if you put an object nearer the light, it gets bigger, and if you want to make the shadow smaller it needs to be moved away from the light source. We ended up by having some challenging fun making shapes with our hands to make shadow shapes!

activity 2 activity 2a activity 2b activity 2d

Investigation 3: Reflection

We learned that when light hits a mirror it is reflected. This investigation was really tricky. Back in school, we will measure the original angle and compare it with the angle created by the reflection.

activity 3