School Dinners


Chartwells is our catering company, who design our menus (with the help of our School Council) and provide all our daily lunches.

Message from Chartwells

Our Gold Food For Life menus are using more and more sustainable ingredients, supporting better animal welfare, creating more home-produced meals that taste great for our children. Your new Food For Life menu includes seasonal produce with at least 75% of dishes freshly prepared by our well-trained school cooks. It’s a guarantee from the Soil Association that what’s on your menu is: Organic fresh beef and mince; Farm assured free range pork; Farm assured chicken, sausages and beef burgers; MSC responsibly sourced fish; Meat free Mondays; Fairtrade bananas and sugar; Free range eggs free from undesirable additives or artificial trans fats.

School meals are FREE for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. For all other year groups, the cost is £2.30 per day. Meals must be paid for in advance, or on the day of ordering.

Our school dinner menus work on a three week rotation.

Spring and Summer Terms 2018

Don’t forget to look out for special menus, celebrating a variety of events throughout the year. Posters can be found around the school grounds.

  • Chinese New Year
  • St Piran’s Day
  • Easter
  • Bonfire Night
  • Christmas Dinner