Remembrance Day 2015

November 8th

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This year, we remember those who have fought, and still fight, to defend our country 

on November 8th

After half term, we will have poppies on sale on behalf of the British Legion. If you would like your children to buy a poppy and support the work done by this organisation, please send them to school with a small amount of money 2nd – 6th November.

As always, we will be having a 2 minute whole school silence focusing on this nationwide remembrance during that week.

If you would like to find out more about the work of the British Legion and how to be involved, or how people commemorate Remembrance Day, please use the links below.

British Legion 

Remembrance Day

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Who is Moina Michael? Find out about her and her connection to the poppy.

Moina Michael

November Remembrance