Queen Boudicca

A tragedy story written by Winnie (based on the true story of 50 AD approximately)

Boudicca was the queen of the Celts


Boudicca was a strong little girl and was very adventurous.When Boudicca was a woman, she married the most important man in her tribe. Her tribe was called the Icini tribe. The man who she married was called King Prasutagus. Boudicca also had two daughters.

A few years later, the Romans tried to invade the whole of East Anglia so King Prasutagus said to the Romans  “I will let you live in our land but do not harm us.” This worked for twenty years. After those twenty years, King Prasutagus died and he left a will.  The will said Romans will get half of our country and Boudicca shall get the other . The Romans got angry because they thought they should get every single bit of East Anglia so they whipped Boudicca and her daughters. By the next day, Boudicca had a giant group of warriors! They were not just from her tribe, but from all over East Anglia. First, they battled in Colchester and luckily won. After their first battle, they went London and sadly lost the battle. All the warriors became slaves so she drank a bottle of poison and a few seconds later Boudicca died .


I would not like to be Boudicca would you?