Penlee Museum

Learning about the Stone Age

Y3 enjoyed a wonderful learning day out this week. We all caught the train to Penzance, where we walked to Penlee Museum. There, we spent the whole day involved in workshops learning about prehistoric times.

First, we were shown a time line: the Stone Age was the longest period in history: it lasted from 700, 000 years ago and ended 2000 BC! In fact, it lasted so many years, historians have divided it into three parts: Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. It was followed by the Bronze Age then the Iron Age, which lasted until the Romans invaded (we will learn about this period of history in the summer term).

Then, we discussed how to find out information about the past, and what gives us information. We enjoyed being archaeologists, examining replicas of artefacts, and also exploring real artefacts.

dresed as iron age artefacts room artefacts 1 artefacts 3

A story teller joined us, and told us how herbs and natures was used as medicine in prehistoric times, and how settlements were chosen (this was very important)

story teller 1

In the afternoon, we enjoyed workshops making iron age badges and clay pots.

badge designing clay modelling 4 clay modelling 3 clay modelling 2 clay modelling 1

Please come and see these in the classroom, and enjoy seeing how our homework tasks have transformed the role play area back in time.