Our first autumn topic is Why are humans animals too?

Our first autumn topic is Why are humans animals too? Please look out for the topic overview which will come home as satchel post in our first week back at school in September.
Reading: as in Y2, pupils are expected to read daily. Pages read should be written in the reading communication book. Please refer to reading targets (printed on yellow paper) in order to further your child’s reading.
Spelling: the spelling for the half term will be sent home in our first week back. Pupils are expected to learn a set of spellings weekly. There are 3 levels of spellings to reflect ability, and encourage challenge! In addition, there is a set of topic related words to be learned. This will support learning in school during each topic.
Maths: I will be asking pupils to become times table masters! Each week, pupils will be assessed on their knowledge of times tables. This is a requirement of the new curriculum, and will support pupils for upper KS2 maths learning.
Homework: each week, pupils will be asked to find out or complete a task linked to our topic. This will be set over the weekend.
Role play: our first role play area of Y3 is an animal rescue centre. Please enjoy searching for relevant items to create a stimulating learning environment. We need animals, feeding and medical equipment…. enjoy discussing this with your children to help us develop this area of our classroom!

Topic Leaflet