Multi skills

On Wednesday, Y3 were invited to a multi skills event at Camborne Science and Community College. We were collected by mini bus and taken to the sports hall used by the secondary school pupils. It was really big!

We were greeted by a PE teacher and six Year 7 leaders (Bea and Olivia from last year’s Y6 at St John’s were among the leaders!). The first part of the afternoon, we were split into small groups, and had a go at five activities that developed different skills. After that, we were split into  teams of boys and girls, and competed in a variety of races. All the teachers could hardly talk afterwards because they had worn out their voices cheering us on!

We had such fun and worked our bodies really hard. Mrs Lobban, Miss Willson and Mrs Vigo were very proud of our behaviour: we persevered at all events, even when they were challenging and tiring, we demonstrated good team spirit when working in pairs or teams, we helped our friends when they were not sure what to do and we followed the instructions from our leaders.

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