LENT 2018

Lent display 2018

This year, Lent starts in the half term, with Ash Wednesday on 14th February. Lent is a period of six weeks, during which we strive to improve how we live our lives in preparation for the great feast of Easter, celebrated this year on April 1st.

There are three ways in which the Church suggests we make an effort with during Lent; prayer, fasting and alms giving.


  • Prayer: In school, all children will be invited to share a daily whole school gathering reflecting on the Stations of the Cross (this tells the last few hours of the life of Our Lord Jesus before he was crucified).
  • Fasting: Children are encouraged to choose a treat food to give up during Lent. This helps us remember that Jesus gave up his life for us. This year, Family Fast Day takes place 19th February. 
  • Alms giving: We think about those less fortunate than ourselves during Lent, and use this time to give money to charity. In order to fulfil our almsgiving effort this Lent, we will once again invite children to come into school on Fridays wearing an item of clothing in a specified colour (see below), and ask for a small contribution to our chosen charity, which this year is a local charity, Cornwall Air Ambulance. To find out more about this charity, look on the RE page of the school website.

In school, we will share a whole school liturgy daily, reflecting on the Stations of the cross, and also be offering the children opportunities to pray the Stations of the Cross at an allotted time in the school day throughout Lent. If you would like to find out more about praying the Stations of the Cross with your children, please use the links below:

Stations of the Cross Loyola Press

Stations of the Cross The Word among us

Stations of the Cross Kids e-book

Stations of the Cross Printable booklet

Stations of the Cross How to pray the Stations of the Cross

Our Lent colour theme days will be as follows:

Friday 23rd February:            Purple (the Lenten liturgical colour)

Friday 2nd March:                    Black and gold (St Piran 5th March)

Friday 9th March:                     Fairtrade colours – turquoise and green

This is also our Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon, so a double date for your diary! On this day, money raised will be added to the Fairtrade collection.

Friday 16th March:                 Green (St Patrick 17th March)

Friday 23rd March:                 Multicolour

As always, we thank you for your support in raising money for such a worthy cause, and also with the education of our children with regards to how we try to make sacrifices and improve ourselves in the season of Lent.

To find out more about this year’s chosen charity, please use this link: Air Ambulance and visit our post earlier in the year.