LENT 2017

Lent foyer

Again, this Lent, we are gathering as a whole school in the hall every afternoon to reflect on Lent. We choose a kind action to try to do each day, and we reflect on a station of the cross.

Marys meals assembly

week 1 of Lent

We all dressed in the Fairtrade colours (turquoise and green) and brought in money for Mary’s Meals. We raised a fantastic £70.33. This will feed a child for 1000 (.4) days or 1000 (.4) children for a day. This is great!

Week 2 of Lent

This week we dressed in green, in honour of St Patrick, and raised an even more amazing amount of £75.15! Some of the staff really got into the spirit of St Patrick!

Mrs Bartle St Patrick Mrs Langley St Patrick

Week 3 of Lent
MARY’S MEALS: This week’s dress in purple day raised a whopping £109.51! This is the highest amount yet….. just one week to go. Can we beat this???? Thank you so much for support so far from children and families.
Week 4 of Lent
MARY’S MEALS: We dressed in a bright host of rainbow colours for the final dress up money raising day. This raised a tremendous £83.92.
In total, with additional contributions to Mary’s Meals from parishioners and families, we have raised ……. £351.35. This means we have fed over 5.000 children this Lent. we are amazing!!!!