Our spring learning about Other Faiths


This term, our learning about other faiths focuses on the Jewish faith: Judaism. Please visit our school hall to see our display, and find out facts about the Jewish faith, that make it a distinctive world faith. It is also interesting to notice similarities between the Jewish faith and other world faiths.

We were delighted to welcome back Harvey Kurzfield. He lead 3 assemblies teaching us about Judaism. Mr Kurzfield is a member of our community whose faith is Judaism.

We learned about the Jewish belief, which is the same as ours, that God is our creator and protector. He talked to us about the Jewish belief in one God – Adoni, and how Jews worship in a synagogue, and what they wear during worship. We know that the Jewish holy book is the Torah and that this must be treated with great respect. This is written in Hebrew, and Jews are expected to read from the Torah each day. Jews go to school or the synagogue to learn to read, speak and sing Hebrew. The nearest synagogue for Mr Kurzfield is in Plymouth – there are none in Cornwall. A rabbi leads prayer – this is usually a man, though now there are some women rabbi.

Lots of us were surprised that Jesus was a Jew! It was also interesting to learn that many of the prophets we respect and know about in the Old Testament are also important to Jews, including Moses.

Jewish Sabbath: Shabbat

Jewish prayer in a synagogue

Information for children – Judaism