Internet Safety

KS2 assembly with PCSO Bray


This morning, PCSO Bray came to school to talk to us about keeping safe on the internet, and using our mobile phones.

We all agreed that the internet is a fabulous invention, however there are some dangers that we need to be aware of.

Stranger Danger: we discussed what this is, including while using the internet. It is so much easier to keep ourselves safe when we see a person we don’t know in the street. However, on the internet, we can’t see the person so we don’t know if they are a child or an adult, friendly or unfriendly. We must never give any personal information to a stranger on the internet. It is even safer if we have an adult with us when we are using the internet. We must find out how to block and report people who are bullying us on the internet.

Viruses: We learned about pop ups and viruses. Sometimes pop ups that appear when we are on the internet, and if we open these, sometimes they contain viruses and break our computer. Sometimes, people want to find out personal details about us. We should never open an email from an address we don’t recognise, as these might contain a virus. We must NOT open the pop ups or unknown emails, and we SHOULD tell our Mum and dad or a safe adult. They will help us delete it.

Posts: We learned that it can be dangerous to post if we are going on holiday or out for the evening because other people will know that our house is empty and might come and steal our belongings. It is safer to share our news AFTER we have been away. We must never send a photo of ourselves to anyone we don’t know.

Trolling or cyber bullying: This is bullying on the internet. This is wrong. It might be done by people we know or even by people we don’t know. I this happens, we MUST tell a safe adult. If we see bullying on the internet, or if we know somebody is being bullied, we must tell a safe adult so that it can be stopped. Internet bullies can be stopped by the police if we report them. We must find out how to block and report people who are bullying us on the internet.

Photos: We must never post a photo of anyone without their permission. This is wrong. This can also be bullying. We must never edit photos to make people look different and post these on the internet. If someone takes a photo of us, and we don’t want them to, we must tell a safe adult.

Phone calls from strangers: If a stranger phones, and asks us for personal information, we MUST NOT give it to them. We must tell a safe adult about this.

School adults and the Police can also help us to keep safe on the internet.

We are responsible for our actions on the internet from the age of 10. If we don’t follow the safe code of conduct on the internet, we can be prosecuted by the police.