This page contains everything you need to know about the termly Homework we set here at St John’s.

Spelling in KS2 is given to the children at the beginning of each half term. The children are given a target of achieving bronze, silver or gold spellings. All children can aim to achieve the next level of spellings.

Homework is differentiated according to age – click on each of the classes below to find out what will be expected term by term.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any questions about homework and the ways in which you can best support your child at home.

St Christopher

In EYF children take home reading every day, practical suggestions are suggested to parents for maths activities and children are encouraged to bring in things related to the phonemes that they are learning e.g. sh = shell.

St Bernadette

In Year 1 the children take home reading every day and in the Summer term they have a literacy and numeracy challenge.

St Piran

In Year 2 the children have a talking task each Friday which is pre-learning for the next week on the subjects that they are going to be learning.

St Francis

In Year 3 the children have a homework book, with a spelling test on Friday. They are encouraged to read every day and they are given their topic so that they can find out more about it e.g. volcanoes.

St Augustine

In Year 3/4 the children have a homework book, they have differentiated maths work based on the week’s previous learning, they take home reading books every day, spelling is differentiated and tested on Friday. They also find out information related to their topic.

St Clare

In Year 5 the children have spellings, maths worksheets – prior learning and topic work, they also have a homework book.

St Joseph

In Year 6 the children have literacy and numeracy homework related to their work in class.  This is completed in their homework book.  Literacy and Numeracy homework is given out on Monday and are both due in on Thursday. In addition, other homework may be set e.g. topic, science revision or mental maths.