Farm to Fork at Tesco

Learning about Healthy Eating

This morning, we all walked to Camborne Tesco for a Healthy Eating exploring morning. First, we looked at the Eatwell plate, to find out how much from each food group we need to eat every day. We learned that fruit and vegetables have lots of vitamins and minerals which keep us healthy and fight infection, so we need to eat lots of these foods.

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Next, we discussed sugar. We used the Eatwell plate to learn that we only need a small bit of sugar every day. We looked at the different types of sugar, and learned that sugar comes from sugar can – which is grown in hot countries – and also sugar beet – which can be grown in our country.

s1 s2

After that, we looked at different cereals. We found out that we can look at the nutrition information box on the packet to find out how much sugar is in each cereal. This can help us make healthy choices when we choose cereal.

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Finally, we went to the cafeteria, where we enjoyed a healthy snack before making healthy cereal. We brought the cereal home with us.

healthy snack

m1 m2


In school, we enjoyed trying cereal with milk or yoghurt. Our challenge is to explore different ways of eating muesli at home!