Fairtrade Fortnight 2019




We enjoyed learning more about Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight 2018. This year’s theme is

“She deserves”

Monday 25th February – Sunday 10th March 

This is what we got up to:

Monday 25th February: Brian Terry led an assembly for the whole of the school. He reminded us about the principles of Fairtrade and linked this to the Pope’s message asking us to take care of God’s

Tuesday 26th February: We were asked to put a Fairtrade display in the town library. Camborne is a Fairtrade town and our display supports the work of the community to maintain this status.

Monday 25th February – Friday 8th March: Fairtrade tuck shop items were delivered. The Fairtrade tuck shop was open daily during Fairtrade Fortnight at morning breaks from 10.30 – 10.50. The School councillors led by Mrs Richards ran this so successfully, we ran out out goodies…. Twice! The total amount raised from the tuck shop during Fairtrade fortnight was £405!!!

Monday 25th February – Friday 8th March: All classes spent at least one lesson learning about an aspect of Fairtrade. EYFS learned how to recognise the Fairtrade logo and found out about Fairtrade fruit. Y1 learned the journey of a Fairtrade banana from the plantations to our shops. Y2 investigated which items we buy can be Fairtrade. Y3 researched the effects of the Fairtrade Foundation on the farmers and their communities. Y4 enjoyed thinking about the Fairtrade logo, then designing their own versions. Y5 compared the lives of farmers who benefit from Fairtrade and those who, sadly, don’t. Y6 wrote a collaborative poem about Fairtrade.

Friday 8th March: We celebrated the end of Fairtrade fortnight with a Fairtrade Celebration day! Brian Terry spent the day with us.  In the morning, he spent time speaking to and answering questions about Fairtrade.

In the afternoon, the children led a celebration assembly. Every class shared their Fairtrade learning. Lots of parents, governors and parishioners joined us.

cakes 2 cakes 3 cakes

Following this, Y3 led a Fairtrade coffee and cake afternoon. Lots of families and parishioners joined us and helped us raise an amazing 140.00 for Fairtrade. Thanks to the Y3 parents who helped make this event possible – baking and providing Fairtrade goodies, and being wonderful (and hardworking!) in the kitchen.

 And not a lot left over ……


We are a Fairachiever school and remain the only Fairtrade school in Camborne.

Please use the link below to visit the Fairtrade site to find out more about this foundation.

Fairtrade Foundation