Fairtrade Fortnight

Celebration Day at St John's!

Fairtrade fortnight was, once again, a wonderful success for children and staff at St John’s school!

Fairtrade display 2015.16r

We invited Brian Terry,our Camborne town Fairtrade representative, to launch the fortnight with an assembly. He reminded us about the wonderful work of the Fairtrade Foundation and also spoke about this term’s theme: Wake up to a Fairtrade Breakfast.

Our Fairtrade Steering group (the school councillors) organised and ran a Fairtrade tuck shop every day at break times. By the end of the Fairtrade fortnight, the Fairtrade tuck shop had raised £369.58! what a fantastic achievement. This money will be presented to the Traidcraft representatives who provided us with the goodies to sell.

tuck shop 1resized tuck shop 2resized

In the staff room, staff had Fairtrade items (tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar)

display Fairtrade food

All classes had a lesson about some aspect of Fairtrade: some classes learned about chocolate, others created collages and posters. Y6 created  power point presentations! Classes used their individual learning about Fairtrade to make a whole school display in the hall.

On the final day of Fairtrade fortnight, Brian Terry returned to our school for the whole day. He went to all classes to answer our questions about Fairtrade…. some questions were really challenging! Brian was really impressed (and challenged) with our questions.

Brian KS1r Brian KS2r


In the afternoon, we invited our parents and parishioners to our celebration assembly. All classes shared what they learned about Fairtrade during the fortnight.

celebration assembly EYFSr celebration assembly 1r celebration assembly 2r celebration assembly 3r celebration assembly 4r celebration assembly 5r celebration assembly 6r


Then, we had our Fairtrade Coffee and Cake afternoon, led by  Y3 children and parents. So many people contributed delicious goodies, and their time serving Fairtrade refreshments. The choir asked to sing some of the latest songs they have been learning. We were delighted that so many families and also parishioners, and even former staff joined us for this annual event!

coffee afternoon 1r coffee afternoon 2r coffee afternoon 3r coffee afternoon 4r coffee afternoon 5 chr

In total, we raised an amazing £247 for the Fairtrade Foundation!!!!!!