Does your child suffer from hearing loss?

10% of children under 7 years old may have glue ear in both ears at any time and 20% may have glue ear in one ear.  For some, glue ear may persist until adolescence.  Glue ear can also cause temporary changes in the hearing of those children who have a permanent hearing loss.

Signs and Symptoms of Possible Glue Ear

  • Changes in behaviours, for example becoming tired and frustrated or withdrawn.
  • Finding it difficult to locate sound.
  • Watching face/lips intently.
  • Changes in their educational progress.
  • Frequent ear infections.

Top Tips

Ensure the pupil has good sight of the speaker.

Seek ways to reduce unwanted background noise e.g. close windows, doors, line toy boxes with foam to reduce noise, switch off television or radio etc if not in use.

Use visual reinforcement to supplement spoken words.

If you are concerned that your child might be suffering from hearing loss, please contact Mrs Lobban (SENCo) by making an appointment through the office staff. A referral to the Hearing Support Team can be made through school.

Alternatively, Specsavers offer a hearing test. There is a Specsavers store in Camborne

4 Trelowarren Street
Cornwall, TR14 8AA    

Opening times


For more information of signs and symptoms of hearing loss, see below:

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