Craft Fair 2015

This weekend hosted another successful craft Fair at St John’s School, this year community crafters and pupils combined effortsto produce items to sell.

The day kicked off at 11, and ended late afternoon. Lots of past and present parents, grandparents, friends and pupils were involved with running stalls and events,   alongside Cornish crafts people. There was a great variety from jewellery to edible delights, from wooden creations to hand sewn items. The canteen was busier than ever this year, selling refreshments.

The school was delighted to open its doors to so many people from the local community, some faces that were familiar and many that were not.

Thanks to all who help make this event another successful one, in particular to our energetic band of PTFA, without whom the Craft Fair would not have happened. Start saving and creating for next year…….

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