Cornwall Youth Citizenship Conference


St John’s School was host to  this year’s Youth Citizenship conference. 100 guests joined us to learn more about Fairtrade farming and how the Fairtrade Foundation helps fairtrade farmers. Among our guests were children from other Camborne Primary Schools, members of the town Fairtrade forum, 2 children of Fairtrade farmers in Ghana, a representative of the Fairtrade Foundation and Trading Visions, who produce Divine Chocolate.

all whole conference 1 adults 2

Brian Terry launched the morning welcoming everyone. Then Roxy from Trading Visions shared the journey of Samuel and Esther during their time in the UK.

Samuel Esther

Samuel and Esther then led a presentation. We learned a little about life in Ghana, then life as children of Fairtrade Cocoa farmers. It was really interesting to  hold a cacao pod, smell cacao beans and see cocoa mass and cocoa butter!

cacoa pods cocoa beans cocoa mass and oil

The Fairtrade presentation informed us about Fairtrade tea plantations and the journey of tea from the fields into our tea cups!

fairtrade foundation tea

Following this, we played Pa Pa Paa Bingo before tasting some Divine chocolate. Samuel explained to us that Pa Pa Paa means “Best of the Best” in his language, and this is how they describe their cocoa beans!

Our school representatives presented our school journey to being a Fair Achiever school. The children spoke well, explaining WHY we decided to support the work of the Fairtrade Foundation, and WHAT we do each year to maintain our support and improve our awareness of the benefits to farmers who are supported by the Fairtrade Foundation.

 bingo 2 chocolate tastingbingo

Before all the schools left, we enjoyed Cornish pasties and Fairtrade flapjacks, with Calypso Fairtrade apple/ orange juice. Yummmm!

kitchen staff

After lunch, our other children enjoyed being visited in their classrooms, and Samuel sharing his life in Ghana with them and also giving us a first-hand insight into the benefits to farmers who work with the support of the Fairtrade Foundation.