Children’s Hospice South West

Fundraising events

Thursday 26th May, St John’s School came to school in an array of colours and styles for Wacky Wardrobe Day. This was our first fundraising event for Children’s Hospice South West. It marks part of their 25th anniversary celebrations across the region.

wacky wardrobe day resized

We raised an amazing £120.31!


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June 21-23

Y6 took part in the CHSW £20 challenge

£20 challenge

They decided to run a tuck shop . Each group planned a tuck shop item, costed ingredients to ensure maximum profit, bought and replenished ingredients and even designed posters to advertise their stalls. The rest of the classes were invited to the break time tuck shop. At the end of the 3 days, having repaid the start up donation to CHSW we raised an amazing £220 for the charity! Congratulations Y6 for taking up this challenge and to the rest of the school for supporting the delicious tuck shop.

tuck 2 tuck 3 tuck 4 tuck 5 tuck 6 tuck 8 tuck 9

Look out for our next fundraiser coming up later in the term…… Meanwhile, the running club are participating in the Rainbow Run this Sunday. For more details, use the link below. Please come along to cheer us on, lots of fun activities for a family day out!

Rainbow Run 2016

June 26

Miss Teixeira, Mrs Lean and Mrs Lobban accompanied members of the running club to RAF St Mawgan to partake in the Rainbow Run. With great excitement, we met dressed in white for registration which included a pair of sunglasses.


At 1 o’clock we joined 1600 other runners on a 5k run, during which we were sprayed with paint. We all ran the whole distance and had an amazing experience!


July 12-15

Y6 ran a breakfast club this week, for pupils, families and staff! We were full to bursting every morning!


crowd2 crowd3      toast

Even Malcolm the lollypop man enjoyed toast every morning, delivered by Ellen!

lollypop man