Attract or repel?

Fun learning about magnets at Camborne Science and International Academy

This morning, Y3 had such a fun, practical learning session about magnets. We went to Camborne secondary school where Mrs Deacey met us. We went to a science lab, where we found out about magnets.

magnets 1 magnets 2 magnets 3

First we investigated materials that magnets are attracted to. We learned that there are lots of metals but the only metals that are attracted to magnets are iron, nickel and cobalt.

We learned about the force that surrounds magnets: if you have the same pole facing each other, 2 magnets will repel. However, if you have 2 magnets facing the opposite poles, they will attract.

magnets 5 magnets 6 magnets 7

After that, we made pictures using iron filings and magnets.

magnets 8 magnets 9

Finally, we tested different magnets. Some magnets are stronger than others, but often small magnets can be VERY strong!

magnets 10 magnets 11