Arthur and the scientist

A quest story by Alex

Once upon a time there was a person called Arthur.He was very strong,brave and a handsome men. Arthur’s  hair was black and spiky.His eyes were brown.he was friendly  and a good person. Arthur worked for a secret company.

In that company there was only one boss and Arthur.The boss was a scientist  who wanted to make a sapphire sword for Arthur if he went on a went on a quest for him. So he said to Arthur ” I will make you a sword so you can go hunting.” the scientist said. Arthur replied “ok then” so the scientist said “You need to go to planet Uranus and get dark blue essence.”Arthur replied “I guess I’m going on a little quest .” the boss said ” I’ll build you a rocket and  I’ll call you when I’m finished. bye. ” He came back in 3 months to the scientist. The rocket was ready and 123 … And he was at Urance it was minus 224 celsius so he ran around and he looked on the surface and  found a little dagger  he  wondered even more and more.Arthur he found a mountain with dark blue essence on it so. He climbed the mountain he saw a monster it was green and blue. So he took out the dagger and won  his fight against the monster .Then he saw the blue essence and got it .He gone back to Earth later on the way back he saw a comet heading for the rocket!!! So he turned the rocket at full speed. 15 hours later he  was back at Earth at and back to the base. Arthur said “That was a absolutely awesome journey!!!” .The scientist said “Cool now I need the essence.” The scientist made  the sapphire sword then Arthur holded the sapphire sword up in glory.He was so happy.To be continued…

sword rocket Uranus