Anti Bullying Week

KidsRUs workshop

Y3 enjoyed a trip with Y4  to St Ives this week, for some active learning during Anti bullying week. We took the train into St Ives and walked to the KidsRUs theatre where we were met by Phil. Phil leads KidsRUs and the performances that are held in St Ives.

Our first workshop involved lots of activities. These helped us use space, interact with other pupils, think about action, co-operation and listening skills.

1 2 3 4

For our second workshop, we were organised in small groups. In our groups, we planned a story with a beginning, middle and end. Our theme was “It’s not fair”, and the ending had to be a resolution, making the situation fair. Once we planned our story, we rehearsed. Finally, we all performed for each other.

play 1 play 2 play 3 play 4 play 5 play 6 play 7 play 8 play 9

We all really enjoyed the day. Phil  would be happy for any of us to join KidsRUs to further develop our acting skills, and perform for the public.

Please see the information around school advertising KidsRUs performances and activities.